Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daiso Therapy.

Hello, you guys. I'm sorry about the giant gap between posts, I know I apologize to much for this, but hopefully I will be able to get in some regular posting through the rest of this year.

Anyway, I've been a little down lately. I had a really stressful last week of term and ended up eating so much that I gained around 7lbs/3kg. It made me really upset and I kept eating, but after a lot of emotional work I'm back on track and determined to finish. I plan to be around 135lbs/61kg by the end of August.

To help me lose weight I decided to get some smaller bowls and things to eat out of. This is a tactic I've always used, but the bowls I had were still a little big and quite honestly, if I get something cute I'm much more likely to use it. So I bought a few things.

Little soup bowls! 
Aren't they cute? They're meant for miso soup (which I do enjoy from time to time) but I'm going to eat all of my meals out of them at home to regulate my portions better. The panda one says "I eat a lot" lol. I also got one more thing for my diet.

A smaller bento box!
It's meant for kids, but I was having some anxiety about eating lunch at work and stopped taking a lunch at all. I know I need to eat to keep up my metabolism, and I figured a smaller bento would ease my worries about eating/packing too much a bit. Oh, just so no one is confused, "work" is my unpaid externship (internship). I work in a little production kitchen mixing doughs, making croissants and buns, and filling macarons! I love it but it's very tiring.