About Me ♥

My name is Chanda J.
I am 18 years old and my birthday is 12/18.
I live in Seattle, Washington and I love it like no where else ♥
I am in a loving committed relationship of two years.
I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu of Seattle studying Patisserie and Baking.
I live at home but am trying to move out with my boyfriend.
When it comes to gyaru I like both rokku and sweet styles.
I love good anime but I'm a tough critic.
I am a huge Potterhead and newly established Whovian.
I used to be an All-Star Cheerleader and it is one of my many passions.
I am ovo-lacto vegetarian and do not wear fur or leather.
I love Green Tea and try to put it in everything.
My hair is relaxed and I often wear weaves and wigs.
My favorite colors are pink and purple.
I am a gamer and own a wii and an xbox.
I am not religious, but respect everyone's right to be.
I am pro-choice and believe in LGBT rights.

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