Thursday, December 29, 2011

A very eventful day pt.2

This post is very image heavy.
So yesterday after our shopping trip we went back to Sierra's house and started a little project. Sierra really wanted to go from dark brown hair to red and Miranda wanted to shave half of her head and dye the other half blue. I am not so adventurous when it comes to my poor, damaged, hair, so I just took pictures and eventually helped with some of the dyeing.

The first thing we did was cut half of Miranda's long hair off. Sierra's good with hair cutting so she did the honors.

A very eventful day pt.1

Makeup for the day (at the end of it). Nothing special.
So today I woke up before noon for once, and got ready to go shopping with my friends. We've all been really busy with school, so we don't hang out as much and we don't get as much time to do things like go shopping for an entire day, so now that we're all on break we decided that's what we needed to do. We all have a lot of giftcards and money from the holidays to spend, too.

We went to the mall and the first place we actually spent time in was fuego. They just have a lot of odd things in there, but they had foxtails! I was so excited, I know they're old news at this point but I still really like them so I bought one in baby pink and attached it to my purse as soon as I payed for it. Then we stopped in one of my favorite shops, daiso!

They have the weirdest stuff sometimes.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas ♥

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and had tons of fun with your family and friends. I had a wonderful Christmas this year and I am very happy. On Christmas eve I made a NY style cheesecake to take to my mother's boyfriend's house, and we had a nice time eating and talking with everyone there. My mom and I were also not so happy with the dress I had planned to wear to dinner, so that morning she let me open one of my presents early and I wore the dress inside it that night. Everyone said my cheesecake was very good, and my mom's boyfriend gave me a Victoria's Secret giftcard just like last year! 

I stayed up until two baking and making candies for my boyfriend on Christmas eve/morning, and then went to sleep for a few hours. I like to open my presents nice and early like a little kid, so I bring everything into my mom's room and she wakes up to watch me open everything. She loves seeing my reaction to the things she picked out. This is what she gave me.
The forever 21 giftcard is actually from my birthday.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Birthday.

I completely forgot to save the pictures from my birthday party. It was just a small gathering of a few friends, but it was really fun. We watched a few movies and played video games the whole time, it was really fun! I don't ask for presents from my friends, because it makes me uncomfortable for some reason, but my mother never does combined presents despite my birthday being a week from Christmas so I ended up getting something I really wanted. 

Finally, right?
I had been using the same camera I used to take mirror pics in middle school for this blog. It isn't an awful camera but it really doesn't have the clarity that I'm used to. I really love this new camera. I can use it for everything I need, including taking pictures of my work at school and it takes HD video. I really want to make some proper videos for youtube, but I don't know what I would make videos of. I won't force it but I know it's something I would enjoy doing. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I've taken.
This is Atlas, btw. He's not very well behaved but he's a total sweetheart.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What a spoiled brat.

Ugh, so I'm not getting a wig for the holidays. I know I'll be happy with the gifts I do receive, and I'll enjoy spending Christmas Day with my boyfriend, but I can't help but be a little disappointed. I know I'm selfish, but it's just hard to learn that the thing you wanted the most isn't there, you know? Plus, I can't get a job while I'm in school (I couldn't even get one when I wasn't), so whenever I want something I have to do odd jobs and it takes a ton of work to make just twenty dollars. It really bums me out thinking about it. I had to a bunch of manual labor just to get money for christmas presents. I wish I wasn't so materialistic. Anyway, on to the less depressing part.

Isn't this one great, by the way? If you have the money check out what Cyperous currently has on their site.
I decided that if I want to move forward, I need to get myself a decent wig. It's very hard for me to style my own hair and I realized after looking at magazine scans, blogs, and promotional photos that hair is just as important to gyaru as makeup. I think a lot of people overlook it, but if you pay attention you'll start to see that the difference between good gals and great gals is big, styled, hair. I've styled and even cut wigs before and it went very well. I just have a problem with holding my arms up that long and seeing only certain parts I guess.

Anyway, I've been looking for different ways to style a pigtail wig, and I've decided that I still want the same wig (despite it's price), because it provides some versatility.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look what I made!

Today I had a really good time in class. I decided that my makeup didn't need to be toned down and for some reason whenever I do my makeup I have a better day. We took the final for our ServSafe class and then we filled our macarons from yesterday! I originally tried to fill mine with Italian buttercream but I was having a lot of difficulty with it so I just made a simple french meringue and used that. It tasted very good, and made the macarons look very full and pretty in my opinion. I just wish that I had put one more drop of purple in the batter so the color was more distinct.

Pretty nice for my first time, right?

Gyaru Inspiration Spam

I don't have the energy to put a coherent post together, but I have a three week break after this week! I can't wait to do my makeup and enjoy hanging out with people again.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

School, Purchases, and an Apology.

Hello! I really have to apologize for my absence before I say anything else about this post. I'm taking night classes and it's been really hard for me to transition from doing nothing all day to making sure everything is OK before I leave the house to go to school. 

I've been having a great time at Le Cordon Bleu. It stresses me out a lot because I want to do well and some things are hard for me, but I'm really happy to be there. It's feels really nice to be working so directly towards something I care about, and to see my hard work pay off every day when I take home the amazing things we learn to make. So far I've learned the correct method for simple things like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pies, and Muffins, and I've learned new things like Pâte à Choux and Tart making. I've had some difficulty with decorating because my ideas tend to get muddied together, but I think that I've been doing pretty well otherwise.

The tarts I made yesterday. Top: Almond and pear, Left: Chocolate, Right: Fruit.