Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Years Resolutions.

I know I'm a bit late, but I decided to make a list of resolutions for this year. I originally planned not to make any, because no one ever keeps them (including me). But that's negative, and that kind of thinking isn't going to get me anywhere. So here is my list.

1. Lose weight. There's nothing wrong with my weight now, I look ok, but who wants to look "ok?". I don't work out and I barely watch what I eat so I know that I can lose weight if I try. I have a large frame size and I'm 5'5"/165cm, so I'm actually already at my "ideal weight" but I decided that my ultimate goal weight is 135lbs/61kg. I haven't decided on a time frame yet, but currently I weigh around 155lbs/70kg so I have around 20lbs/9kg to lose. I've already cut down my caloric intake to between 1000 and 1500 a day and started a one hour morning workout, so I hope to start seeing some results soon!

2. Be neater. I am an extremely messy, sloppy, person. My room is disgusting and I have a very hard time getting organized. So I'm going to clean my room once a week and tidy every morning before I got to school.
3. Spend more time on my appearance. I think I mentioned this in my previous post, I leave the house with something just thrown on way too often. When I step out of my front door I better look great or be wearing a chef's coat.

4. Learn how to cook more meals. Since I stopped eating meat over three years ago by diet has felt very limited. I eat the same things over and over again unless I go out, and that just seems silly since I consider myself to be very good at cooking. I want to expand my repertoire.

5. Be positive. I'm not as negative as I used to be, but I still get really down on myself sometimes. I think that needs to stop since it's not productive. Plus, if I do the best I can when I have something to do, there will be no reason for me to feel bad about it.

I've already started and I'm determined to work on these things as I think they will help me be a more well rounded person. I feel a little one dimensional right now, which is really not ok with me.


  1. Sounds like a good list!! The first four apply to me too x'D Especially 1 and 4. I really want to learn how to cook! I only know the basics and can follow a recipe. Maybe this weekend I will go through a cookbook!

    1. If you can follow recipes you're pretty much set! That's really hard for some people for whatever reason, lol.

  2. Number 2 is a big one for me as well! I've been doing great so far with my personal areas. The tidying every morning thing should work! Or whenever you go somewhere & you're in a rush, just remember to get ready early enough so that you have time to pick up after yourself when your done! That's my advice to you! ^ ^ It made a huge difference for me!

    1. Thank you, that does sound like a good idea! I think the main reason my room gets so messy is because I rush and then don't have time to clean up.

  3. Sweetie you really don't need to slimoff, you look like a model! Also it's good to be positive, good vibes brings good humor!
    Keep on smiling :)


    1. While I wish I could take that compliment, I am going to have to assume that you have mistaken the stock photo I used for me -.-" While I'm not fat I'm also no model. Thanks anyway, though.

  4. Sounds like a positive list! (: What a good way to start off the new year. Best of luck, darling -- you can do it!

  5. good luck to following your resolutions
    mine is pretty much the same ^__^
    anyways your blog is soo cute
    now following you!
    i just started a blog
    hope you like it and follow back!