Thursday, January 5, 2012

I think I'm starting to get it.

Hello there!
I haven't really been working much on my makeup skills, like at all. Lately I've been stressing over my wardrobe, my hair, and my lack of outings to go to. They're excuses, really. I have great friends who will hang out as long as they have the time, I just revamped my wardrobe, and I have a hair piece coming my way in about two weeks. There's absolutely no reason for me not to work on my makeup, it's important, it's fun, and I'm not that bad at it.

I've been studying a lot of different tutorials, scans, and promos, and I think I've made some vast improvement from when I started. I hadn't done much more than slapping on lashes recently, but I got really bored today and did my makeup for sheer practice purposes. Literally, once I was satisfied with it, I went back downstairs to wash it off. But it was really satisfying and I'm starting to actually see the gal influence in my makeup.
Anyway, on to the pictures. We'll start with my first attempt which was in the summer.
Not bad, right? Not very gyaru, though.
This next one is from earlier tonight. Oh my goodness, please excuse my ghastly eyebrows. I tried to shape them a bit, but I should have just shaved them and filled them in like I started doing before ;-;
A bit uneven as well. 

Better though, right? I'm really pleased with it. I think that I'm sort of a sloppy person, so things like applying my eyelashes and eyeliner evenly are the most difficult for me. I can see how everything is supposed to look in my head, I just need to iron out the kinks a little. 

I think that this is a good foundation for further improvement, I bought some stuff for contouring and a few other bits and bobs to help me out a some. I can't wait to put everything together, and my new years resolution is to put more daily effort into my appearance. If I leave the house, I have to at least try to look cute. No more oversized university sweatshirts and uggs!

On a side note, I'm getting my wig! I have to wait until they restock it :[ but I'm getting it as a late xmas gift from my special someone. He's too good to me, I would be happy if he never bought me anything and we just sat at home, but his generosity is very nice. As soon as I get a job I'm taking him somewhere super nice for dinner and buying him a new outfit T-T

I think that's it for now. I'm writing this post at almost 4am, so pardon me if I rambled too much. Please tell me what you think about my new makeup. I think I mostly need tips on keeping both sides even. 


  1. Aww you're make looks awesome in those last two pics :D Keep it up!

  2. There's a noticeable improvement between the pics. Love the lashes you've used! I get what you mean about the eyeliner, mine takes forever to get it looking even :P

  3. Thank you for noticing!I wish making things even wasn't so hard :|

  4. The eye makeup is so cute! You did a really good job at keeping it even! ^ ^

  5. Aww, I adore the eye makeup! (: I wish I could give you tips but I'm not a makeup pro, myself, LOL.... but relax; I'm sure it's flawless! No tips necessary here!