Monday, February 20, 2012

Clair Beauty Wig Review!

Hello! Today my post is going to be an in-depth review of my brand new wig from Clair Beauty. These wigs can be purchased on yesstyle where what seems to be their whole catalog is available, but they can also be found on eBay being for much less. I'm not sure about every seller, of course, but I did purchase my wig from this shop and I am very happy with my product and the delivery. 

Delivery/Packaging 10/10
Since I bought from an eBay seller and didn't want to spend the extra money or time arranging different shipping, I went ahead with the free economy shipping that was included with my wig. The estimated time it would take to get here was around two weeks, and I learned that someone would need to be there to sign for the package. This is fairly common for things shipped from overseas, but it always is a bit of a hassle. However, my wig came in eight days (I ordered when the shop was closed for Lunar New Year) and I happened to be home at the right time. It was very nicely packaged, with labels saying clearly what it was and everything very well secured inside. The wig itself was in a hairnet, surrounded by a ring, in a plastic bag and had all the tags still on it. The adorable storage bag and a wig cap were also included. 

With flash.

In natural light.
Quality 8.5/10
This wig is great quality, especially for the $32 I paid for it, the "list price" on yesstyle is $72, and I don't find that to be wildly inappropriate. The fibers are very soft and the shine is much more natural than I expected. You can see that with flash the shine gets pretty strong, but it's not too bad, and it looks really good in all types of lighting, flash is the only thing that makes it do that. The curls are very nice and flow very evenly, they even have a nice bounce to them when they're in motion. The wig did get a little tangled after it got bumped off of my wig head, but I brushed it out and it was just fine. Clair beauty wigs are also supposed to be heat resistant up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so after brushing out the tangles (and some of the curls) I used curlers and a hair dryer to re-curl it. It worked really well, with no singeing, so I guess the fibers really are heat resistant. After wearing it out several times, I do have to say that it tangles very easily. It's not that hard to brush out, but I wish the hair was a tiny bit less fine.


Style/Color 10/10
The style is adorable, the wig matches the stock photo down to the last detail and is very easy to wear. The bangs can be manipulated a bit to properly frame your face and the length is beautiful. The color is actually a blend of reddish browns and darker browns, which isn't completely what I expected but is absolutely gorgeous and more of an extra in my opinion. The layers in the front of the wig are very well cut and really help to make it look more natural. The top the only part that could be much better, the way it's made (sewn?) is a little telling of it's true nature as a wig, but again, not enough to put me off.

Overall 9.5/10
This wig is even more beautiful than I expected. I was hesitant to buy a wig from any seller or brand and this Clair beauty wig has really eased my anxiety. I think that some of the wigs are shinier than others, as I have heard complaints, but this one is just fine and that was my only concern. I really recommend checking out these wigs. Especially on eBay. Honestly, the yesstyle prices are probably closer to what's appropriate for the quality, I mean that. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this post was informative!


  1. The wig looks lovely on you. Adore the color.

  2. hi chandra :)
    i just gave you an award!!

  3. The hairpiece looks super natural on you ^^
    I wish my real hair would look soft and wavy like that naturally, lol.
    $32 is a really good price too!

    1. I wish my hair was like that naturally too ^^"

  4. Aw I loved it very cute on you! Thank you for the in-depth review! ^ ^

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