Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I like Rokku too much (SUPER IMAGE HEAVY)

I started to like gyaru again because of the sweet styles, but I can't help but feel attracted to more rokku styles. I don't know what exactly the style I want to do is called, but I can tell that it won't be sweet gyaru or gyaru-kei like I originally planned. Plus I have so many things from when I was into gothic lolita (a very short, expensive phase), I keep finding them and remembering how much I love them. Sweet styles are great, I really do love them, but I think that rokku is where my heart is. It's not like rokku can't also be cute, right? My current style ispiration is Risa. She doesn't really put herself in a box with her style, it seems very fluid and stays really cute no matter what.

I've been looking at clothes on Rakuten, because I think my wardrobe is really far behind when it comes to any other gyaru improvement I've made. It's what made me realize how I want to dress, I tried looking at cutesy stuff but it just doesn't appeal to me as much. 

I'm collecting pictures and links for the clothes I want. I found pretty much all of it on DreamV, which I am now in love with.



Black, White.




Lace Type: Black

I figure I can get a few items like this, and then get some basic things like more jeans,shoes,and tops at other places to save myself some money and avoid the headaches of things not fitting. Which actually shouldn't be much of a problem as my diet isn't going terribly. I'm hoping to be down by at least 15lbs by summer.

Here are some of the items I want to supplement my wardrobe:

For summer.

Black (no leather or suede, and cheaper)

Black (to wear underneath ridiculously short dresses)
I'm not sure if my vision is coming through here, lol. I want to keep some of my bows and frills, but in a more rokku way. I love the sweetness of full skirts and lace, but I also want the sexiness of chains and, rips, and denim.

Ugh, I think I'm growing up. I need to reformat some things.


  1. I love Rokku outfits so much, especially the ones with sweet elements! Like you said, the combination of cuteness and sexiness is really incredible, I admire people who are confident enough to sport the clothes you shared above. ♡

  2. I love Risa's style so much. She pulls off rockgal so well without looking trashy or gimmicky like that sometimes happens.

  3. Hey loved this post (You should blog more, Im totally in love with yours atm)! Btw, whos Risa? I tried looking her up to look for links to her blog but couldnt find any.. link plz?