Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer is Coming!

I'm so excited! There are so many things I want to do and get for summer. All of my friends should be back in town, I should be working, and I'm working towards being healthy and slim so I can wear anything I want.

I've been working on my makeup a little more, since I can't do much clothes-wise right now. I figure that since I can't do everything I want with clothes yet I should just keep working on my hair and makeup. The other day I did a full face, and then just took the bottom lashes off for school and switched lenses. I think my makeup is getting much better!
lol, sorry. For some reason I felt this was the best picture. I don't think I take myself seriously enough.
I'm really loving the wig I bought, especially with my apple greens! I think the different colors give my look some depth. I tried to contour, but the powder I usually use broke (AGAIN) and someone used my pay pal to steal money I don't have out of my bank account, so I'm actually in debt right now despite not having a credit card. But that's another story for another time.

I don't really know where my style is going to go when I actually get some time outside of my chef's coat, but I have a few things I'm really excited about, including these shoes I just got.
Plain Black Wedge Sandals! (I've wanted shoes like these since I first read Gals!)
I also have some other summer clothes laying around. It will be fun to see what I will fit into once I drop another few pounds. I'm one of those people who never throws away too-small clothes so I have plenty of basic summer stuff to try on. 

My weightloss has been up and down. I have good weeks and bad weeks, and I've been working really hard to make sure I'm losing, but still keeping healthy habits. I've lost 10lbs since I started, and 15lbs from my heaviest weight last year. I feel really good and people are starting to notice, so I'm happy. According to my timeline I actually am supposed to be around 135lbs already, but I think that was a bit too ambitious. Especially since I already have lost at least one pant size from just the 10lbs. I fit into so many of my old clothes now!

Let's see, I guess the next little update I have is that my mom is going to help me get my dream bike! 
$500 if you didn't see before ;-;
She agrees that if it's going to be my main transportation that it should be long-lasting and comfortable, so she's going to give me an advance on it and let me work it off. It will take me a long time, and it means that I won't be able to buy any clothes or makeup for awhile, but I decided that it's worth it. She's even throwing in the basket for free.

Uhhh. I think that's it for now. I'm saving my baking photos for a giant post later on. I really love my breads and viennoiserie class.

Thank you for reading, as always. I apologize again for the gap between posts!


  1. Wow, I love your make up :D Nice lashes!

  2. The green lenses and wig look so good on you (and the dino hoodie <3)! I'm sorry what happened with your paypal btw, makes me worried about my own account x_x

    1. Thank you! And don't worry too much, I think my password was just way too easy, haha.

  3. Waaat really?! :l People can be such assholes, man. Bah.

    I NEED TO KNOW WHICH LENSES YOU ARE WEARING they're gorgeous omg *_*

    1. They're Geo Princess Mimi's/Bambi's in Apple Green ^^