Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm so so so sorry. I promise this blog isn't dead.

I've been really busy with school, I'm in my last term and scrambling to get my externship together. We've been working on some pretty big projects and I got sick again recently so I've really been struggling to keep up.

I haven't been doing very much makeup wise because I don't really go anywhere. I have some fun plans lined up for the summer, though, and hopefully after this term my schedule change will give me a little more freedom.

This class only has a few projects, since it's all about cake decorating and centerpieces. We've only done one project so far, and I missed a week of work on it, but I think it came out pretty nice.

An Adventure Time cake!
I'm really happy with it, especially considering that I only had about three days to get all the components together and make the figures and everything. I absolutely dreaded working with fondant but I got full points for the actual surface of the cake. I just wish that Finn's arms hadn't cracked and that I had more time for the side decoration. Points to whoever gets the reference.

I've been really into my health and weight loss, and I've been cooking and baking at home a lot. A few months ago I started a food journal to write down everything I eat and it's really helped me. I'm under 140lbs now and I'm excited to have more clothes in my closet to choose from.

I'm really excited for this summer, hopefully it will be the start of my career but it also is just going to be great to have all of my friends back in town and to go out and do things. My mom is buying me a 3-day to bumbershoot this year. I hadn't gone for two years because the lineup hasn't been that great, but this year they've got some great shows. Tony Bennet, The Promise Ring, Jane's Addiction, Gotye, Passion Pit, and Skrillex are all going to be there and I'm so excited. Bumbershoot is a really fun event and I just wish it was sooner. I have to wait until September, but that means the lineup will probably get even better. I'm going to buy a shorter wig for Summer and sort out all of my clothes. It's so exciting.

One more thing, if you guys haven't been to see The Avengers, GO. I've been twice you guys. I went to the midnight and then I went again with my besties. Here's an outfit from the midnight, actually.

I dunno, I think I'm getting better. I need to make my lashes stand out more, though. 

I promise to post more often, I really do. I'll even do some reviews and things. Bear with me, please.

Thank you for reading ♥