Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good things come to those who are impatient.

I woke up at 2:30pm today (night classes ftw), and my mom ran over and pointed to a box on the coffee table. My belt came less than a week after I ordered it. I was so excited. I opened the box, and immediately started freaking out because it was beautiful, but super, ultra short. I didn't unwrap it, knowing it wouldn't fit, and put it around my hips, where it had almost a foot long gap between ends. I got all sad and my mom said I should just sell it on eBay, but she then noticed that it appeared to be folded up in the plastic. She was right, and I am the definition of "derp". Anyway, it fits beautifully and I love it. I had an outfit ready to try it on with (because I'm an obsessive person) and I absolutely, positively am in love.
I cleaned my mirror, and then went downstairs to use my mom's lol.

My jacket was a gift that I originally wasn't that into and that didn't even fit. It's Ed Hardy but I can definitely imagine some outfits with it now. I'm really excited to put some coordinates together with this belt, despite my slapped on makeup and straight wig I really felt gal or the first time today.

Speaking of my wig, and I'll do a proper post for this when I get the chance, I have experienced some problem with it. The hooks on the cap broke and it frizzes way to easily. I have however been able to straighten it with a flat iron very easily and I'm sure that I can just sew a bra strap into it if I want. I usually pin it to my wig cap really well so I don't even really need the straps.

I don't really know what the style I'm doing is called. Is it just rokku? I don't know what it looks like the most, I love Ora-Ora, Kurogal, and Rokku so I don't really care what it looks like I guess. I think this outfit is a good start towards whatever it is that I'm doing. What do you guys think? Do I need to do something different?

Well, thanks for reading! Feel free to give me critiques ♥

Oh wait!

I also got my weave taken out. So you guys get to see my real hair for once.

Ok, for real this time. Thanks for reading! Bye ♥


  1. Very nice outfit! You looks pretty! ^^

  2. adorable look! i'd love to try a style like yours :)

  3. TAG!!! I chose you in one of my blogs, please read it & respond in a Post of your own so we can get to know you more ;D