Saturday, June 25, 2011

Amazing Customer Service and Overpriced Lashes

This will just be a quick post, I lent my camera to a family member for the weekend and my phone's camera is terrible so I'm mostly pulling things off of my computer.

Anyway, since I'm 18 now and trying to get my stuff together I recently applied for a debit card. I do have to admit that this is less about being responsible and more about being able to buy whatever I want online... But whatever, two birds one stone, right? So I signed up for BECU (look it up if you're in western Washington) and after two agonizing weeks I finally got my card. The first thing I wanted to buy was a pair of these amazing and extremely popular lenses designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka

For anyone who doesn't know, this series is the "Geo Princess Mimi/Bambi Series" They're incredibly beautiful, and most of them are 15mm making them very enlarging. But, unfortunately I found out from my boyfriend that to activate my card I needed to make a purchase of at least $5, so we went to a beauty supply store so I could, in my own words "buy something I actually need". 

I ended up buying two pairs of lashes. I don't really like the idea of paying so much for them (2.99 per pair plus tax) because on eBay you can get like 40 pairs for that much, but I had to activate my card and I figured this way I'd have some lashes to wear before the ones a family member ordered for me arrive.
They're Gabriella brand, which actually seems quite nice, I found an image that shows more lashes they have.

Cute, right?  The more natural ones I bought aren't pictured, but I also bought G004 which is the first one on the left. If I wasn't so cheap/broke I'd probably go back for more.

So, I went back home and realized that I had spent more than expected (I only made a $25 deposit) and now was around 20 cents too short for the lenses. Not only that, but I would have needed to wait anyway because I hadn't made my Paypal account *facepalm*. Thankfully my incredibly sweet boyfriend saw my distress and used his account to buy me the lenses, effectively saving the day.

I ordered them in Almond Brown from Fobby Barbie.

Alas, in our haste we managed to screw it up again.
I placed the order in plano instead of my very strong prescription and was again angry and annoyed at myself for not paying attention. But we shot them a quick email and this morning I was pleasantly surprised by a very short and sweet reply telling me that changing the order was no problem. I don't think I will ever buy from any other seller, customer service like that is very hard to come by, especially when it's completely the buyers fault. Did I mention that the lenses were $17.99 with free shipping? They also do pre-orders and while the only in-stock lenses with free shipping are from the Princess Mimi Series, most of their lenses are still 17 dollars and below. Which from what I've seen, is a great deal.

In the end it all worked out, I guess. Now I just have to wait for my things to show up. When they do I'll do a nice review of the lenses and my new lashes, I might even throw something extra in to make up for this bare post.

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