Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Lips and Smooth Skin by Covergirl Queen Collection.

Lately I've been completely obsessed with pink lips, you see it on a lot of celebrities (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj etc.) and you think "hey, why can't I try that?" but alas, I have had bad experience with lipstick. The only time I've worn it was when it was mandatory during a cheer competition or dance recital, and I always dreaded putting it on. Bright lipstick is hard to find for dark skin, so I was hesitant.

I did a lot of research and found out a lot about how undertones really factor in not only when it comes to your lips, but the actual lisptick. I have fairly pink lips, so I'm lucky in that regard, but being the extremeley cheap person that I am, I didn't want to pay for something super pigmented from say, MAC or Shiseido that may end up not even working and costing me 15 to 30 bucks.

Low and behold,  during my search for lipstick, I also happened across some cheap foundation in the same collection, so here is a review of my finds. Let's start with the foundation, I bought it in "Rich Mink" it's the second darkest shade.

Without foundation (lol, ew)
After applying covergirl queen collection natural hue liquid makeup with a foundation brush.
And with loose powder (Coty's Airspun in Translucent Extra Coverage) Excuse the blurriness, please.

The foundation is really easy to blend, there are lots of colors for dark skin tones, but even if you get it a bit off it will most likely blend to match. This foundation is very light, I wouldn't suggest it to cover deep scarring or anything, but it's great for evening out the skin and adding a little extra glow. It doesn't feel like you're really wearing makeup, which is nice, and it doesn't slide off if you sweat. I do set it with a powder to make it more matte, but if you have dry skin you could probably get away without using powder. I previously used Clinique, and I like this MUCH better.

On to the lipstick!
I bought this one first, I was scared that pink wouldn't suit me so I got something a little more subtle. It's more muted and has really pretty gold shimmer in it. It's called "Girly Pink". I'd like to mention that the tubes are really great, because the little window at the bottom displays what the color ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE instead of showing an "idea" of what it looks like.

This one is really easy to wear, it's just soft and pretty and I think it'll be my go-to lip color for every day. It's not harsh in the slightest and has an almost peachy tone because of the gold.
After seeing how easy it was to wear the lipstick I bought I HAD to go back and get the color I originally had my eye on, at first I thought it would be too bright, but it was definitely worth a shot! This one is called "Powderpuff Pink".

It's really bright and cute, many would say it's close to the trademarked "barbie pink". It's matte, and really creamy. It smooths on and feels really good on my lips.

Powderpuff Pink is incredibly bold, when you wear it out people take notice. It still is very approachable, though. This would be better suited for a party or going out, but if you're just looking for an easy way to make people notice you this is it.

Overall, I LOVE this collection. Each item was around 8 dollars, so it's very affordable and they aren't lying when they say the colors are easy to wear. It can be a little hard to find (especially the darker foundation shades) but there's a chance that if you go to a neighborhood with a large minority population you'll find it. I'm not sure how the lipstick shades would look on lighter skin, but I think it's worth a try.

So yep, that's my first real post! Hopefully it was informative. Thanks for reading ♥

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