Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eyelashes for miles.

I ordered a ton of stuff from eBay, and although I'm still waiting on some of them, the most exciting thing came first, 60 pairs of eyelashes.
A little Smooshed.

The listing was for sixty lashes in six different styles. It came to about eight dollars including shipping, and they come in these boxes. I do have to say that they were a little rumpled when I got them, nothing major, but one or two of the individual strips will have to be re-shaped a bit. 

#2 (Crossed)

#6 (Natural)

#1 (Long and Natural)

#5 (Long and Thick)

#3 (Thick)

#4 (Voluminous)

The styles are true to the picture on the listing and although they aren't real hair most of them aren't too plasticy feeling, they're actually pretty soft. I don't really think these have a brand exactly, they're really generic. Several shops (mostly in Hong Kong) sell these, and I got lashes #1-6.

I'm excited to try them out, but unfortunately my lash applicator is taking forever to get here and I managed to mess up my lens order (again) so I'm still waiting on that. I'm most excited to try #4, they look super cute and remind me of some more expensive "gal" brands.

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  1. I bought a lot of lashes from eBay when I first started using them too early May. They're good! Since I have big eyes I kind of layer them so it's longer and a bit thicker. So I usually wear #1&#2 together and #1 with number #5 on the edges. I'd love to see you try them!