Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Festival, Captain America, and a Fantastic Fashion Find.

Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend and I planned to go to A local Festival called Renton River Days, it is like many places in the area layout wise, in that it has Fun play areas for kids, Several great looking food stands, and tons of vendors selling everything from custom clothing to handmade soaps. While all of this was amazing and I even tried on a few things, the biggest thing I was drawn to was the petting zoo! They had my dream pet there, the ultimate adorable and slightly odd animal.
A Miniature pot-bellied pig!

 He was so cute, he was a little tired because of the heat but he still snorted and wagged his little tail when we talked to him! I've loved pigs for pretty much my whole life and meeting various pigs is kind of the thing that broke me down and made me stop eating meat. I can't imagine how some people see little animals like this and think "mm, dinner".

Anyway, after the festival we planned to go to an 8pm showing of Captain America, but as we were waiting in line to get our tickets they sold out! We really wanted to go so we sucked it up and bought tickets for the 9:45pm instead. Which gave us an hour of free time. Against better judgement, we went to another love of mine. Ross. 

I would say that we needlessly spend money, but after the incredible deal I found I don't think it would be right. If you've ever been to Ross, you know that when you see something amazing you have to snatch it up, because there is almost no chance that it will be there next time you visit. That being said I think this purchase was totally justified.

Steve Madden patent leatherette peep-toe wedges for 25 dollars. The shopping god has smiled upon me more on this day than any other. I didn't have $25 on me at the time (no job, ugh), but my boyfriend said that it could be my one-year gift so he bought them for me (isn't he sweet?), I was happy enough with the design and knew that Steve Madden for $25 was a deal, but I didn't realize until after we were out of the store that they were marked down from $89.00. How awesome is that?

I thought that would be the high-point of my day, who wouldn't right? Really to be honest we were grudgingly seeing Captain America. We saw Thor when it came out and it was...well, it was pretty bad. The action scenes were great but everything else, the writing, the acting, some of the plot, were just bad. We want the Avengers movie, though. My boyfriend's (very sound) reasoning is that by going to see the Individual Avengers movies we are making sure the filmmakers know we are invested in the franchise. However, we were pleasantly surprised, as Captain America was not only a huge improvement over Thor, but a pretty good movie. There were very few moments where I was aware that I was watching a production that people had put together and parts of it were very moving.
It was actually as awesome as this poster looks.

The big payoff was really the Avengers trailer at the end of the credits. We were hoping there would be something similar but we didn't expect for there to be a full-blown trailer at the end. It made even Thor worth it and we were extremely satisfied. I suggest anyone who is on the fence about going to see Captain America goes for it. You will not be disappointed. 

I have about four posts waiting in the wings right now, so things will really be speeding up. I hope the few people who have viewed this blog find something you they like.

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