Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Circle Lens Review: Princess Mimi Series in Almond Brown.

So, after a lot of mistakes on my part, some really good customer service, and just downright acts of kindness from Fobby Barbie I finally acquired my first pair of circle lenses! Most people recommend that first-time circle lens wearers first buy a 14 or 14.2 but I was buying them to get that big dolly effect so I went ahead and bought these. I was really excited when I saw the promotional pictures, and now whenever you see a fashion magazine from japan the models seem to always be wearing something from this series.

On Tsubasa herself.

I wanted something enlarging but still really natural. These turned out to be perfect for that.

They arrived very quickly, especially considering that I was such a hassle as a customer. I really love Fobby Barbie, they have amazing prices and the shop is just really well run. I think they are extremely underrated from what I've seen.

So anyway, here's my review!

No flash and bright light.

One in one out (please excuse my lack of foundation).

Color & Design - 9/10 I love the color and design of these. They blend perfectly with my deep brown eyes but still brighten them and make them a little more interesting. The design definitely doesn't give away the fact that I have them in. They could be more interesting, but for me they're perfect.

Enlargement - 10/10These enlarge beautifully. They are big enough to look really dolly without making me look like an alien. Even without makeup I can pull these off, which is saying something because I naturally have fairly small eyes.

Comfort - 9/10 I've never worn circle lenses before which I know are thicker than regular lenses, so I don't have much to compare them too. Compared to my regular contacts (Acuvue Oasys) they are pretty uncomfortable, when I put them in for the first time they took a little getting used to, but eventually they settled in and felt really good, like nothing at all!

Overall, I really love these. They're perfect for a circle lens beginner like me as they aren't overwhelming but still offer enough enlargement. I'd give them a 9.5/10 they're perfect for what I want but I can see how they'd bore other people. I think the next ones I get will be a nice green or gray.

My eyeshadow is from L.A. Colors and my Lipstick is Revlon Matte in Stormy Pink.

Thanks for reading ♥


  1. Duuuddee- why have I never followed your blog before now? Herp derp...

    Anyway-- SO FREAKIN PRETTY. These look PERFECT on you. o: My Almonds looked so... wacky on me. xD
    -- -

    As for comfort, yeah: all colour lenses-- circle or otherwise, are thick than regular contacts. (Pesky colour, making them thicker...)

    What will help is going for other brands. Generally, Geo ends up at the bottom of the brands, comfort-wise. >.>'' You can also quantitatively guess which brands are more comfy based upon their water content. Geo has... 38% or 42% I believe?

    The brand Neo/Neo Vision is widely considered to be one of the COMFIEST ones, and they have a higher water content-- 45%. (Personally, I find EOS and Neo to be the two comfiest brands~.)

    TL;DR Glad you like your first lenses! They look lovely~~. For even comfier lenses, maybe try another brand, like Neo or EOS~.

  2. Thank you :) Maybe I'll try one of those brands for my next ones!

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  3. They look really sweet on you. These lenses are on my 'to buy' list, since they seem like a cute and natural lens <3

    You've a really lovely blog, so I'm certainly going to follow.

    Have a great day!

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