Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anniversary Date in the International District ♥

Yesterday my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We spent a few hours at home hanging out and eating lunch, and then we headed down to one of our favorite parts of town, the international district. If you haven't been to Seattle's international district I really recommend it. Since there are so many people from Asian countries in Seattle, there are amazing things to experience and buy in town.

The first place we went was Uwajimaya. It's a huge Asian grocery and gift store. They have really great food (I get my mama brand instant noodles from them) but the best parts are the bookshop and cosmetics area. They have a ton of things I thought I would never be able to purchase offline. I didn't buy anything there this time, but there were definitely some great things.


Palty Hair bleach.
 We also stopped by Daiso for a few minutes and found a couple of good things. They also have a lot of Japanese cosmetics, but everything is, of course, a reasonable price. I ended up getting a pretty new cellphone charm, and Zach got a new cover for his iphone. Even though the things we bought were each under $3, they were all really great quality!

There are over 3,000 Daiso stores worldwide, there are two in Seattle alone.

Nail art supplies.

I don't have any pictures of the inside, but our favorite game store is Pink Gorilla (formerly Pink Godzilla). They have games otherwise only available in Japan and a ton of really old hard to find games as well. Anyone who is into gaming should check them out!

Our next location (now that I think about it, we were all over the place) was to a bakery I had found on the International District's Website. It was a really cute little place called the Fuji Bakery, but as they prepared everything in the morning the traditional way and we got there at around 5, they were almost out of stuff. So we headed down the street to a bakery called A Piece of Cake. It was very cute and it had a very friendly atmosphere. They also had what looked like a full selection of pastries, cakes, and cookies even considering how late in the day it was. We each ordered a piece of cake and then got a mango pudding to share. Don't forget to check out their website.

They give you a cute little box for your slices of cake. The mango pudding tasted great but I wasn't too fond of the consistency, as it was mango.

Zach got their Tiramisu (bottom) and I got their Green Tea Honeydew cake. They were both  amazing tasting!

After we got our appetites going with the cake, we went to our final destination and the grande finale for the night. Dinner at Samurai Noodle! It's consistently the best rated authentic style ramen shop in Seattle and it gets very busy in the tiny space. Only two people work at a time, both serving food and tending to customers. They recommend (just like in Japan) that you eat your ramen in the first 7 minutes, although to-go orders are allowed. They have a lot of different kinds, too. You can view their menu HERE. Samurai Noodle is also very generous. Not only do you get a nice big portion to start with, if you're still hungry and you saved your broth you can just order extra noodles for $1.50!

I ordered the Tou-Nyu Ramen. It was really good! The soy flavor was surprisingly bold.

Zach ordered the Chili Green Onion Ramen. He said it was also really good, just the right amount of heat.
After our amazing date we went back to my house and cuddled up to watch the end of the third part of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It was a really good end to an amazing day and I'm so happy that I got to spend a year of my life with someone so special.


  1. I would have to travel to Chinatown or deep into Nassau County to find a place that sells Dolly Wink or Palty. Lucky you!

  2. It's one of the many perks of living in a city with so many Asian immigrants :)