Thursday, December 29, 2011

A very eventful day pt.2

This post is very image heavy.
So yesterday after our shopping trip we went back to Sierra's house and started a little project. Sierra really wanted to go from dark brown hair to red and Miranda wanted to shave half of her head and dye the other half blue. I am not so adventurous when it comes to my poor, damaged, hair, so I just took pictures and eventually helped with some of the dyeing.

The first thing we did was cut half of Miranda's long hair off. Sierra's good with hair cutting so she did the honors.

Then the shaving began.

Once that was done, Sierra needed to get the bleach in her hair, so Miranda worked on that while I put the blue in her hair.

I wasn't that helpful other than slathering the blue in Miranda's hair so I paid for most of the pizza we ordered and just took these pictures, lol.

Once it started to get late Miranda and I became pretty useless and just sat in the hallway, so Sierra put the actual red in herself. She did a really good job considering how tired she was!

The end result, better right?
We finished at around one and Miranda and I still had to go home, so it was a really late night. Really fun, though. Plus, I've never dyed someone else's hair before, I used to tint my own when I was in middle school but I've never used "real" dye before. It looks green in the pictures but Miranda's hair is a really bright teal in person.

Eh, that's it I guess. I think now that I bought some new pieces to tie together my style I'll start doing outfit posts. It's kind of about time, I'm not just a head and shoulders, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading ♥

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