Friday, April 27, 2012

My adventure with yumetenbo/dreamv.

The weather is getting warmer here, so I've started doing yard work for money again. I'm hoping to get my job/externship in the next month and a half but for now it's just odd jobs for me. Thankfully my mother and other family members like to overpay me so I'm able to save some and still provide myself with a little retail therapy.

I've been looking at multiple items at Dreamv for awhile, but as many people are aware of, the good stuff sells out very fast. It seems that if you want something you have to really be on it. I was first looking at some dresses in this style.

I'm really in love with these, but they are often sold out in my size, even in colors I don't want. This was originally what I was looking for, a hoodie dress with some sort of cute trim, but I kept my eyes open for other things. I'm glad I did because I spotted this.
a D.I.A. inspired belt!
I am, like a lot of people. Obsessed with D.I.A. belts but had surrendered to the fact that I would never own one. I also looked at Skinny Lip (because they have a web store and are a little cheaper), but still way out of my price range for a belt, no matter how amazing they are. I was really excited to find this obvious recreation of this belt so I asked my mom (who bought my kigurumi through rakuten) for help buying it. Before buying it I started to think about the belt more, and I started to get really annoyed by something. Do you know what it is?
The original belt has "D.I.A." on the side.
I'm not into wearing label names, but "D.I.A" is much better than this.
I'm sorry, I'm not even really into modesty but I think this is really unattractive. As my mom says "if you have to say it, it isn't true". The longer I thought about this variation (which I understand, obviously they can't put "d.i.a." on it) the more it bothered me, but I really like the style of the belt so I decided I couldn't be picky. So I get home and I open the website for my mom and start looking for the belt. Usually I follow the link in my "wishlist" page, but this time I actually followed the links to belts for the site. And guess what I found?

Well, Hello.
Another D.I.A. inspired/replicated belt. The first belt I found wasn't even listed! So then I had to figure all sort of things out, because I had never seen this beautiful belt before. 

This one has different colors and a free size (like the other one), but it also had S,M,L. I could not find the character that was on the chart, so I took a guess and assumed it was the length of the belt and went ahead and ordered a medium. Worst case scenario, it's a little too small and I have to wait a month or two to wear it. Big deal. I'm really excited, though. This will be a huge step towards building my prefect wardrobe.  

After two confusing confirmation emails and narrowly escaping a bad decision, my belt is now on it's way and I successfully purchased my first "gyrau item". I'm so excited!

Sorry for the lengthy post. I tried to keep it short. My next post will most likely be an update on my Clair Beauty wig. I definitely have some things to rave about and complain about.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having a great spring!


  1. How lucky! I'm glad you found something better than the other belt you were going for.

    Maybe one day you'll be able to get one of the wishlist items that you want!

  2. Oh wow that is such a nice belt! You got lucky!

  3. I want this belt so bad but I cannot find it on the site can you send me the link to belts