Friday, September 23, 2011

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Review.

Yes, I am a Princess Mimi junkie. I now have three of four colors from the series but I have told myself that I have to stop. The reason for my insanity is that the lenses are still $18 with free shipping at Fobby Barbie, and I really cannot turn down a deal like that. I promise that if I do anymore lens reviews they won't be from this series, but bear with me as I fawn over these for a bit.

About two weeks ago I received my Princess Mimi/Bambi in Chocolate Brown from Fobby Barbie. As usual, the shipping was extremely fast and there were no problems with the ordering process or the lenses themselves.

With flash (excuse my peeling lashes, I was trying to layer them)
 These are huge, but somehow still not too overwhelming. They're 15mm just like the green ones but look a tiny bit smaller because of the darker color. They create a very animated "dolly" effect.

 Like I stated in my review of the Apple Green lenses I really love the three tone design of the larger lenses in this series. My eyes are brown, so there isn't too much blending needed, but I can't see where my eye color starts and end when I wear these. The brown is really reddish, especially in the sunburst part, but they aren't creepy looking. Just pretty and bright.

 I've only had lenses from Geo, so I can't compare much but these are really comfortable they don't dry out too fast and they don't slide around or anything despite my very mild astigmatism.

 I love love love these. They are beautiful and brighten my whole face up without a being too intense. I  think that for a slightly fancier and more noticeable brown these are amazing, but I still love My almond browns for everyday wear.

I think that the next lenses I get (let's see how long I can go without buying them) will be from the fairy of water series. They're absolutely gorgeous.

Amazing, right?

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