Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look what I made!

Today I had a really good time in class. I decided that my makeup didn't need to be toned down and for some reason whenever I do my makeup I have a better day. We took the final for our ServSafe class and then we filled our macarons from yesterday! I originally tried to fill mine with Italian buttercream but I was having a lot of difficulty with it so I just made a simple french meringue and used that. It tasted very good, and made the macarons look very full and pretty in my opinion. I just wish that I had put one more drop of purple in the batter so the color was more distinct.

Pretty nice for my first time, right?
I was terrified of messing these up because I was so excited for them, and they could have been better but I'm still very pleased with my work! I think the next batch that I make (probably for my birthday party) will be excellent!

My makeup wasn't as gal as I would have liked, but everyone said I looked cute, so I'm happy. It's not easy to look cute in a cheap chef's coat and ill-fitting checkered pants.

Lol, I took this a few minutes ago when I got home.

Before I go, some quick spam of cute macarons!

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it ♥


  1. omg those macaroons look so good! I want to make them but I'm sure it's harder than I think.

  2. Ha, thanks. They are fairly hard, but mostly it's about patience and technique. I'm sure you could make them!

  3. Macaroons look so good! I'm trying some this weekend. I hope they're delish!

  4. NOM NOM NOM looks delicious! *___* btw i like your make up *-*