Friday, December 23, 2011

My Birthday.

I completely forgot to save the pictures from my birthday party. It was just a small gathering of a few friends, but it was really fun. We watched a few movies and played video games the whole time, it was really fun! I don't ask for presents from my friends, because it makes me uncomfortable for some reason, but my mother never does combined presents despite my birthday being a week from Christmas so I ended up getting something I really wanted. 

Finally, right?
I had been using the same camera I used to take mirror pics in middle school for this blog. It isn't an awful camera but it really doesn't have the clarity that I'm used to. I really love this new camera. I can use it for everything I need, including taking pictures of my work at school and it takes HD video. I really want to make some proper videos for youtube, but I don't know what I would make videos of. I won't force it but I know it's something I would enjoy doing. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I've taken.
This is Atlas, btw. He's not very well behaved but he's a total sweetheart.

Worst angle ever?

Today I also picked up my mother's gift and my boyfriend's gift finally came in the mail. I really hope she likes hers, I can be so awful to her sometimes. I know my boyfriend will like at least part of his, they're both really hard to shop for. Sometimes I wish people would be a little more selfish like me and just say what they want. It makes things so much easier.

So yeah, that's it for now. Nothing super interesting.
Thank you for reading ♥


  1. Nice new camera!! I want a smaller handheld.
    ⊂((・▽・))⊃ The one I have is very bulky & big not for everyday usuage.(-__-).

  2. lol, I understand. I sometimes think about saving for a DSLR, but then I think about having to carry it around.