Thursday, December 29, 2011

A very eventful day pt.1

Makeup for the day (at the end of it). Nothing special.
So today I woke up before noon for once, and got ready to go shopping with my friends. We've all been really busy with school, so we don't hang out as much and we don't get as much time to do things like go shopping for an entire day, so now that we're all on break we decided that's what we needed to do. We all have a lot of giftcards and money from the holidays to spend, too.

We went to the mall and the first place we actually spent time in was fuego. They just have a lot of odd things in there, but they had foxtails! I was so excited, I know they're old news at this point but I still really like them so I bought one in baby pink and attached it to my purse as soon as I payed for it. Then we stopped in one of my favorite shops, daiso!

They have the weirdest stuff sometimes.
I gave my camera to Miranda so she could find weird things to take pictures of and found about six pictures of this little guy on it when we got back. I'm still confused.

I ended up getting some lashes and glue at daiso, which is all I wanted. I'm learning how to use the cheap lashes I have, but I wanted some better ones to play with, too.

I bought some lower lashes, two pairs of voluminous lashes with cross details, corner pieces, and another bottle of glue.
At Forever 21 I always feel so overwhelmed. It's like a wonderland in there, especially when I have money to spend. but I managed to focus and find what I wanted. I really love oversized cardigans, and for some reason I've never owned one so I searched for the perfect one and I found it! I also bought two skirts and eventually I caved and spent some of my cash on some basic tees from wet seal to complete my outfits. 

After shopping and lunch we went back to Sierra's house for the other activity for the day.

Dying Sierra's hair and Shaving Miranda's head!

It's late though, so I'll post about that tomorrow. I'm exhausted.
Thanks for reading ♥

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