Saturday, December 3, 2011

School, Purchases, and an Apology.

Hello! I really have to apologize for my absence before I say anything else about this post. I'm taking night classes and it's been really hard for me to transition from doing nothing all day to making sure everything is OK before I leave the house to go to school. 

I've been having a great time at Le Cordon Bleu. It stresses me out a lot because I want to do well and some things are hard for me, but I'm really happy to be there. It's feels really nice to be working so directly towards something I care about, and to see my hard work pay off every day when I take home the amazing things we learn to make. So far I've learned the correct method for simple things like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pies, and Muffins, and I've learned new things like Pâte à Choux and Tart making. I've had some difficulty with decorating because my ideas tend to get muddied together, but I think that I've been doing pretty well otherwise.

The tarts I made yesterday. Top: Almond and pear, Left: Chocolate, Right: Fruit.

My Tool Kit.
Some of my notebooks, I got my school supplies at Daiso!
Our textbook, I recommend this even if you aren't in culinary school.
And my digital scale, mine is intended for portion control but we weigh out everything in class.
Now to the fun part! I'm turning 19 on the 18th of this month and on top of that I've been getting myself to school everyday and really trying to take care of myself so I'm feeling a little more mature. As a result of this, I did a little shopping and bought two items. One that I've very excited about, and one that I need desperately.

Cute Lingerie and some Blush!
I've never really had real lingerie before, and I figured it was about time. I didn't splurge for it at all. It's cheap, but very cute and very nice for the $15 I spent. I bought both items at Forever 21 and I'm very pleased from what I've seen. You can see in a few little details that the lingerie is a little bit cheap, but it seems very sturdy and it fits like a dream. I lost my E.L.F. blush somehow, so I really needed more. I got the Love & Beauty Cream Blush in pink, so I'll see how I like that and report back. 

The packaging is very cute, I just hope the product is good.

So yep! I'm finally starting to get my footing so I'm hoping to update a lot more often. The holidays are coming up so I'll be able to show off some gifts I'm getting for my friends and family.

Thank you so much for reading ♥

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